Value of Space

The idea was born from the frustration in crowded situations.

People just don't trades spaces well. We hover. They monopolize. We stare. They get more comfortable. We look at our watches. They ignore. Many times we just outright leave a crowded venue, having wasted our time & energy in frustration. Competing for space is still offline and while we love popular places, hunting & competing for space to sit stinks.

BetrSpot's improves seat & table turnover wherever crowded (private) first-come, first-served environments occur by allowing consumers to stimulate & initiate their own spatial trades. Goodbye awkward hovering. Hello seamless spot transfer!

About Us

Who is BetrSpot

BetrSpot was born out of the frustration many of us in urban environments legitimately deal with daily: the search for spaces in crowded first-come, first-served environments.

Whether you’re hunting for a seat during rush hour on a commuter train; a chair or table in a crowded café to study or have a meeting at; a barstool on game night; we all are continually frustrated by how others use and then release spaces in such a disorganized and conspicuously unproductive manner. Its awkwardness and inefficiency is a headache.

The Internet's goal from the beginning has been to help us link with others we've never met or thought we could connect with for positive and constructive action. BetrSpot’s application intends to help our community through the same means, by connecting strangers. We feel humanity can improve our capacities to help others by optimizing communications and as software engineers, out of the box thinkers, and testers we are attempting to use our own capacities to do so.

As the world becomes more crowded, our ultimate goal is to help those that have space and those that need it to connect and share in a transparent and positive fashion.