Questions Answered


What is BetrSpot?

BetrSpot is a community for people who like to spot trade. We help our users crowdsource and incentivize the turnover of physical first-come, first-served spaces like seats, tables and barstools in overly crowded environments. The core idea is to help increase the flow and speed of seats & tables changing hands. And most importantly, decrease frustration.

How does urban population play a part?

Population density is an ever increasing problem for our cities. New technologies can and must be created to counter the negative effects it has. Overcrowded venues, food production & transportation are all affected by this.

Fact: The UN expects 11 Billion people to be sharing the planet by 2050, most of whom will live in and around major cities. There are 7 Billion now. That’s pretty scary.

What service is being offered?

Standing or moving as a service. While you may think it can’t be that simple, it actually is. The space you occupy during crowded situations is valuable. Get up. Get out. Get paid.

Is the person ‘posting a spot’ selling it?

No. This is a misnomer people tend to use which is incorrect.

To sell refers to an exchange of title. There is no exchange of title (written or implied) by either party. Posting is selectively releasing a space. At the end of the day when a venue closes, the seat, table or spot you traded stays there as it always has.

Where can I use BetrSpot?

Venues rely on the constant exchange of physical space between customers. We consider first-come, first-served seats, tables, barstools, couches, and even line spots as physical spaces. BetrSpot is best utilized in crowded environments that have these. Bars, cafes, restaurants, airport terminals, pools, product launch and bathroom lines are just a few examples.

Where can I not use BetrSpot?

BetrSpot is not meant for hosted or reservations-based environments; or for public spaces.

It seems like this concept could help both parties and the venue simultaneously. Are you working with venues directly?

Our upcoming phase will focus directly on engaging venues. Right now you, the end user, are our focus.

Is BetrSpot free?

Yes, our iPhone and Android applications are both free for downloading.

Are there ads?

Ads don’t make your experience betr. BetrSpot’s business model is transaction based. This means no Ads.

Your concept is awesome. But I want to explore it a bit before I get my feet wet. Can I look around before taking the plunge?

BetrSpot starts you in HotSpots when you first open the app. HotSpots is a view of all the live spots being traded by the community. One side will be posts and the other side, requests. You will need to register in order to begin trading.

How long do requests or postings stay up? Do they expire?

Every spot will be listed in HotSpots live for 15 minutes. The initiating party will receive a one tap renewal notification after it has expired. So make sure that you turn on your notifications!

How will I know who I’m trading with?

Both parties receive a headshot and alias after an offer has been submitted. The spot requester also receives a trade phrase. Requesters are to give this to the spot poster upon arriving.

Why a trade phrase?

It’s not to be secretive. The likelihood that both parties are strangers is high and the trade phrase proves both parties have met in person. It’s also easier than using QR codes or scanning anything. Keep this trade phase handy. You will need this to seal the deal.

What fees are charged to match with a spot trader?

Each spot trade requires two parties to work. Therefore it has two separate fees.

Spot requesters pay 10% of the amount the spot poster will move or trade out for. This is tallied and added onto a requester’s offer prior to their submission. If the offer is less than $5 then it’s a flat $.50 fee. Spot posters pay the trade’s payment processing fee of 2.9% + .30. This is deducted prior to BetrSpot’s payment processor, Stripe, sending it to them.

What happens should a requester make a trade offer and their plans change on the way? Or if they can’t locate the spot poster?

If a requester with an outstanding offer changes their mind after arriving or if they fail to find the spot poster and give them the trade phrase, they will not be charged. See Trades for more information.

When are spot trades considered final?

Spot trades are considered final when a trade phrase is entered by the spot poster matching our records. Posters must then stand up and release the spot.

Note: The requester’s offer charge is *final* when the spot poster stands, moves or departs. Not when the requester sits.

And for lines?

A line trade is considered final when the spot poster steps out of line allowing the requester to assume the spot poster’s original line position. Line trades are par value spot trades meaning one in, one out, two in, two out, etc. Our process does not allow (or approve of) line spot additions or pairing up.

Are refunds issued?

Unfortunately, no. A spot poster is not obligated after standing up and releasing the space to issue a refund - for any reason. They’re being compensated for moving. If a requester has concerns about the exact timing of the transfer of the space or how long they may be able to use it afterwards then they should simply not give the spot poster the trade phrase or wait until the time is right to. For more information, please read our Terms of Service.

Can I save the venues I go to a lot so I don't have to search for them every time?

Yes! It's easy to make Favorites. Search for the venue by name and select the heart in the venue's details. Highlight it and it'll be saved to your Favorites tab going forward.

What information of mine is shared?

Just your wonderful head shot. Even betr, we supply you with an alias.

For more information, please read our Terms of Service.

Registering & Profile

Where do I register?

BetrSpot always launches with “HotSpots”. This is where you may view all of the community’s live spot requests and live spot postings. Locate the pull out tray button in the top left corner. One of the choices there is Sign In. Tap it. Sign Up will be the button next to it.

I’m excited to start spot trading. What do I need to begin?

You’ll need three things: a valid email, an alphanumeric password and to accept our Terms and Conditions. (This is mandatory). All new users are then asked to fill in their Profile information. To start requesting spots simply add a valid debit or credit card. To post spots add your email into Accounts. Stripe will then start a Deferred Account for you.

What is a Deferred Account (DA)?

A Deferred Account is a new user account type from Stripe, BetrSpot’s payment processor. This account allows you to be credited immediately however the funds cannot be pushed into your checking account or withdrawn until you complete the remaining information. You start it with your email.

Is my headshot mandatory?

Yes, it is. Crowded environments can be notoriously difficult for locating people. A headshot is needed for others to recognize you when you are spot trading. The newer the headshot, the betr.

Can I use Facebook to register?

Yes, but only on Android for the moment.

Who do you share my information with?

We’re big privacy advocates ourselves so we understand your concern. BetrSpot only shares your information with the party you’re spot trading with. And even then all they receive is your headshot. Please see BetrSpot’s Terms and Conditions for more information.

Who processes my payments?

Stripe is BetrSpot’s payment processor. They facilitate payments for Lyft, Instacart, and many other well known person to person shareconomy communities.

Do you store my financial information?

We do not want, nor do we have access at any time to your financial information. Stripe encrypts your card information and tokenizes it from the moment you enter it all the way through the entire transaction. This allows BetrSpot to concentrate on the communications and logistics of each spot trade so they go off without a hitch.

How do I post or request spots after registering?

Once you add a valid debit or credit card and a headshot to your BetrSpot profile, you’ll be ready to make requests in any venue we have. Simply take a picture of the valid debit/credit card like you would with Uber.

Those posting spots need a Stripe “Seller’s Account”. The first time you post a spot Stripe will start a temporary account for you to complete later on by asking you for a valid email. Stripe calls these “Deferred Accounts”. Like PayPal’s new user process, Deferred Accounts allow you to be credited funds but you cannot have those funds transferred to your checking account until your Stripe profile is complete. This way when you download BetrSpot, you can start posting immediately.

My card has expired. What do I do?

Simply go to your account’s financial information in the Profile tab and scan your new one!

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I get back in?

Welp! It happens to everyone! Right where you normally sign in you’ll see the Forgot Password button. Tap that, enter in the email you registered with and we’ll send you a temporary password that’s good for 24 hours. You can change it after you’ve logged back in.

What a great idea! I want to tell my friends about this.

We appreciate that more than you know! The larger BetrSpot’s community becomes the more likely you’ll be to trade spots successfully in those crowded environments you’re in. Go to the pull out tray, tap Share and choose what way’s best to tell them about us. Snapchat invites work great. Thanks!

What about security?

BetrSpot is a public community and as such we’ve taken lengthy precautions to keep users safe. We do not process payments and we place strict limits on minimizing the information needed for parties to be able to spot trade successfully. That said, please remember even the best communities out there have a few people who could use betr judgement when dealing with others.

On a data level, each user session within BetrSpot is SSL encrypted. Stripe also encrypts your financial information from point to point. If you have further questions on security, go to or email

The Trade

Here are simple steps to trading a spot no matter what crowded venue it’s in.

How do I find the location or venue I want to post or request a trade in?

Tap the round + button in the lower right corner of HotSpots. You can search within a 5 mile radius using “Explore Nearby”. Or search for the venue by name using “Search by Name”.

How do I post my spot?

Tap the round + button. Choose Post. Go crazy!

How do I request a spot after finding my venue?

Tap the round + button. Choose Request Spot. Build your dream spot.

What types of spots can I post or request?

We have 12 different first-come, first served seated spot types: choose from chairs, tables - large or small, booths, barstools, couches, aisle seats, window seats and more! Even line spots, too!

What are “spot resources”?

Spot resources are physical attributes each space has nearby that can increase its trade value. Think car options for spots. The more resources it has, the betr the spot and the bigger its’ possible trade value.

Are posting pictures necessary?

Hell yes! Seeing is believing! Be proud of that awesome spot. It also helps show demand.

What is a “Charity Pledge”?

There are many out there who could use a few extra dollars and some kindness. We’ve added an excellent list of charities for you to pledge and share a portion of your spot trade with.

Who initiates a spot trade, the party posting the spot or the one who’s requesting it?

Both can! If you request a spot then you start by making an offer. If you post a spot you start by creating the spot.

Do notifications need to be on to receive offers?

YES! We highly recommend you keep BetrSpot’s app notifications on. We wouldn’t want you to miss that once in a lifetime spot trade.

What’s next after receiving an offer on a posting?

Wait for the headshot. The other party will show up soon. Make sure to ask for their trade phrase. It needs to match before you do anything next. Otherwise you risk walking away, literally and figuratively, from a good spot.

Where do I input the trade phrase?

The Trades tab in the left pull out tray has all of your active and inactive requests, postings and trades. Tap the recent active posting with an offer(s). The field to input the trade phrase and the requester’s head shot will both be there.

What if multiple parties are replying to a posting with separate offers?

If you’re not first, you’re last. Each requesting party receives a unique trade phrase. Whoever finds the spot poster first wins.

What’s the best way to approach the spot poster?

Simple! Approach them in a friendly manner and treat them almost like a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

How long does the spot requester have after making an offer to find the spot poster?

Fifteen Minutes, Zero Seconds

Is there a maximum amount a user can make when requesting?

$250 right now. We’ll see what happens later.

What happens if a spot requester changes their mind when they arrive?

Requesters aren’t charged until they share their trade phrase with the spot poster. For those posting, as long as the requester doesn’t say the magic word phrase, the spot is still yours.

What if they can’t find the spot poster to exchange the spot?

Be creative. Sometimes this happens. We are working on a chat feature.

What happens after the spot poster inputs the trade phrase?

You trade spots! That simple!

How can I submit feedback?

Feel free to email with any ideas how to improve our community or the applications.

For Venues

How does BetrSpot benefit my business?

By increasing your turn. For free!

We created BetrSpot for a few reasons. One is to help space move quicker and without cost to you. The other was to decrease the frustration customers have when they can’t find spaces to sit, relax or enjoy. The last thing a customer should ever do is walk out the door because they can’t find a spot. Customers are open and willing to releasing spaces at peak times. BetrSpot’s just gives them a reason to.

Is this like OpenTable?

No. BetrSpot is a community whose users trade spaces in first-come, first-served environments. OpenTable specializes in hosted or reservations based, restaurant-only environments.

Why shouldn’t we continue to let people hover or pressure others into leaving?

You can. Lots put off their turnover related problems until they cascade into worse things like bottlenecks.

Our data and research show that customers offering other customers an incentive to stand or release spots at peak times works when compared to pressuring or hovering behaviors which do the opposite. You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Is there a hardware integration? What is needed to start?

No. There’s zero hardware for you or your team to install, learn or maintain. Think of BetrSpot as a virtual layer than helps your physical environment work betr. It’s all in the cloud.

The Charity Pledge is a nice touch. Who picks the charity?

The spot poster picks the charity when they opt to post their spot. Presently, we have: Toys for Tots, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer, NE Ctr. for Homeless Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project, Doctors Without Borders, PETA, Project Bread, Surfrider Foundation, Red Cross, St Jude’s Children Hospital and StandUp for Cancer as charities our users can pledge to.

This could help us a lot. What’s the cost?

BetrSpot is free for our early partners. In addition to helping your seats and tables turnover quicker, we also provide your organization with detailed analytics showing how our app betr helps with turn around. Oh and that’s free, too.

Can I schedule a demo to learn more?

Absolutely. Please email venues[at]betrspot[dot]com and include your venue’s name, your position and the size of your first-come, first-served seating.